Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Take a break from knitting gifts

Need a break from knitting all those Yuletide gifts? Uk based, Grannies Inc, allows you to design your own beanie hat that the company's team of veteran knitters will make for you.

Source: Lets Knit Magazine

Saturday, 24 October 2009

'Well they say everything happens in 3's?'

This month I was very flattered to be approached by Anna Blewett, Deputy Editor of Lets Knit Magazine, who wondered if I would be interested in an interview for their monthly feature on knitwear designers, for my knitwear label, Eclectic Mix. Of course I said a resounding
'Yes Please' without even blinking!

Well they say everything happens in three's, because lo and behold!, the next thing I knew, awarding winning hair & braid stylist, Angela Plummer, then informs me that she has used my 'Chameleon Shrug' from a previous collection in a shoot that was featured in Pride Magazine and will also be featured in Black Beauty & Hair Magazine next month.

Thanks to both ladies and magazines for their features, it's a pity my online boutique isn't ready, no matter, I am still counting my blessings and working diligently on my online boutique, why did no one tell me how much attention to detail and time it takes to set up a shop online? Who knew!

Friday, 18 September 2009

'It's a Family Affair'

I'm not even sure my pronunciation of the name is correct! but I love the ethos of Abuelita Yarns a family run, yarn company. Specialising in producing a range of beautiful, 100% natural fiber yarns, which local artists in Uruguay, (where the Company is based), get creative by hand dying certain yarns in a kaleidescope of varying colours. The Spanish name 'Abuelita' means Granny and is reflective of their family values and respect for their culture. As an added testament to their certified commitment to the environment, they only produce yarn from healthy and well treated sheep. (Picture: Abuelita Organic Cotton: 212m: 4.5-5.5m Needle)
Source: Sonji Clayton

Monday, 6 July 2009

Upcycling Cashmere Sweaters into Baby Toys!

TEDDYLUX: 'Turning waste materials into new products'

Teddylux, is yet another innovative Company contributing to the ethical trading ethos, in their very own unique style. Each plush bear, elephant and bunny made by the Georgia business is fashioned from a discarded cashmere sweater.
Cashmere animals can be purchased straight from the website for USD 50-60 each, with cashmere baby toys costing USD 15. For the same cost, customers can request the animal of their choice to be made from their own old cashmere sweater, which makes for a toy that’s both sustainably manufactured and highly personal. The site also accepts postal donations from kindhearted people clearing out their closets, reimbursing the postage for their offering.
Source: Trendwatching

Friday, 15 May 2009

Enterprise is Chic!

In this era of worldwide recession, the need for creative financial management, has seen the increase in individuals setting up part-time side businesses, in order to generate extra cash and boost household monthly cashflow!

These 'mini entrepreneurs' have inspired online sites such as Etsy and Asian retailers, Inqbox, which stands for 'incubation in a box' Inqbox operate 6 stores in Singapore & Malaysia, each stocked with flexible online units, which are rented out to Mini Entrepreneurs, taking care of the daily hassle of retail, by providing retail & gallery space.

Source: Trendwatching
Earn Money Online

Friday, 17 April 2009

A status story by Dutch knitwear brand 'Flocks'

Knitwear brand Flocks gives
customers details about the individual animal that provided the wool for their sweaters and mittens.
Every item in young Dutch designer,
Christien Meindertsmas
collection can be traced back to its source. Since one sheep supplies exactly enough wool for one sweater, each sweater is tagged with a specific animals ID number, and comes with a certificate: the animal's passport. Information provided includes breed, weight, year,place of birth and a picture of the sheep.

Source: Trendwatching

.................PHAT KNITS.................

Created by Artist: BAUKE KNOTTNERUS

I love this interpretation of knit, what could possibly be a new trend in interiors, these exhibits certainly live up to their exhibition title, PHAT KNITS!

PHAT KNITS, is a series of giant threads used to create,
knitted or not, interior products......
according to the talented artist, Bauke Knottnerus.

Source: Etsy

Friday, 20 March 2009

In their own Words.....Sibling London Britsh fashion label

"Born Out of a Desire to give Knitwear for Men a kick up the........!"
(go to website for further enlightenment!)
Sibling are Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery. I love their innovative and quirky knitwear for men,a mixture of sculptural animal prints, sequins and a dog in a cardigan! It has to be seen to be believed, and by the way they haven't left us girls out, as you can see from the pics!

Left: Erin O'Connor:
Wearing Sibling Cardigan & Top by Christopher Kane
Right: Male Model:
Wearing Sibling Top & Cardigans
Editorials: ID- MAGAZINE

Is British Designer, Samantha Cole, The New Queen of Avant-Garde?

Since conquering the catwalks of New York Profile last September and winning the coveted prize of Best Newcomer, along with a contract with best selling on-line retailer, Samantha Cole has gone from strength to strength. Want to be inspired read her in-depth interview at:

(Picture: Editorial, Chew Magazine)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Japanese Street Fashion

I found this site on the website of China based, Fairtrade, British knitwear designer and
manufacturer: Chunkichilli

Loads of photos, articles, online stores & articles all about quirky Japanese Fashion
Click on the photo or title to view!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Angela Plummer: Braid Sculptress and Costume Designer

Looking at the pictures below you would think the hair and clothing were crochet not braids!

Award-winning Hairstylist, Angela Plummer as quoted by Spell Magazine ' was born to braid'. Not content with a regular head to style, she pushes the art of braiding way beyond familiar boundaries into the realms of intricate patterns, conceptual headpieces or even whole outfits!

Click on this blog title to view more of her amazing designs!

When I get home, I sadly am still aware of how I look from a fashion sense!

Subconsciously, I am still aware of how I look from a fashion sense, in my own house! Even if I am putting on the oldest clothes that I own, I still got's to co-ordinate! Poor me!

I feel I can justify this: in the event of : emergency,
2.say a fire alarm going off,
3.a power cut, unexpected delivery.

May I add, 3. & 4. are particular events that have actually happened to me, and did cause embarrassment...............mmmmmm! Anyway, decent co-ordination, would be the one and only reason, you would get me through the front door, or maybe my balcony to call for help!

Yes, that is the essence of my foolishness! I'm only human......

Friday, 27 February 2009

Sculptural Knitwear Designer: Sandra Backlund

I first saw this designer on accessfashiononline

Photographer: John Scarisbrick

To read more and see more pictures, go to my fashion business blog to find out more about this incredible designer, just click on the title for this blog!