Monday, 6 July 2009

Upcycling Cashmere Sweaters into Baby Toys!

TEDDYLUX: 'Turning waste materials into new products'

Teddylux, is yet another innovative Company contributing to the ethical trading ethos, in their very own unique style. Each plush bear, elephant and bunny made by the Georgia business is fashioned from a discarded cashmere sweater.
Cashmere animals can be purchased straight from the website for USD 50-60 each, with cashmere baby toys costing USD 15. For the same cost, customers can request the animal of their choice to be made from their own old cashmere sweater, which makes for a toy that’s both sustainably manufactured and highly personal. The site also accepts postal donations from kindhearted people clearing out their closets, reimbursing the postage for their offering.
Source: Trendwatching

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