Friday, 4 March 2011

How to Create a Sustainable Business Model for your Fashion Knitwear Label or Creative Business

This two part tutorial, was inspired, by my personal and business challenges, when setting up my knitwear label, Eclectic Mix back in 2006. I was amazed and puzzled by the lack of information available. Thankfully, I was blessed with a fantastic Business Adviser at Hackney Business Venture, who had access to a few pages of specialised information about the knitwear industry that I could at least use as a starting point!

Who are these articles for?
I state at the beginning of the article, that whether you are a knitwear designer, crafter or some other type of creative, these articles will be useful to you and include information on a vast range of subjects, including the following; Resources for a Fashion Knitwear Business, Unique Selling Proposition, The Relationships you need to survive in business, how to present your business proposal within a brief document, made up of creative visuals, as an alternative to a traditional business plan.  Last but not least, in part two of the article, some essential useful contacts specific to the knitwear and creative industries, including manufacturing sources. I hope, that reading these articles will contribute in some way to the setting up or growth of your creative business.


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