Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Benefits of Continuing Professional Development for a Micro-Business

What is CPD:
One of my main business activities, alongside knitwear design, within my own micro-business is teaching and writing about business related subjects, particularly business start-up, management and adminstration within the public and private sectors of business education. Particularly in the case of public sector education, you are required to be a member of a professional institute in order to record what is known as CPD or Continuing Professional Development, which keeps track of any independant research or formal study you have undertaken, within your specialist subject fields.

How and where can you access courses:
When I teach or mentor start-up entrepreneurs and business students, I always make it a point to encourage them to ensure that they are up to date with current trends within their specialist fields, as this can be of significant benefit to the continuing success of your small business or self-employed career.  An excellent way to keep a false sense of business security at bay, is to regularly take short refresher courses in business or part-time formal study. If time is an issue, then the solution would be to seek online offerings, which are becoming extremely popular. The Open University, in particular offer a range of flexible, free and chargeable short and longer certified and accredited business courses. If they do not offer what you need, then search for other suitable subject areas at Hotcourses. The beauty of online study is flexibility of learning your chosen subject, from anywhere in the world.

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